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If you have access to an Adobe digital artist or a website with a PDF viewer (e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer), you can download it and use it to draw your image. You should get the images from the artist, so you can print and cut it out and use it for illustration purposes. Note that since Photoshop doesn’t draw the pages on your computer, the image downloaded from the website may not be good for illustration purposes. To draw the pages on paper you will need a sharp-art pen, inks, and paper, or using a laser printer you will need to use an inkjet printer.

With our very first look at the upcoming DC Comics-based Netflix series, ‘Daredevil,’ set to debut in 2016, there’s every reason to hope that this show will be more successful than the first one. There’s more than a little pressure, especially when it comes to attracting the big ticket comic book characters to the small screen. What exactly is it about the comic books that makes the TV show worth watching?


While most fans are still trying to figure that one out, some people do have an idea of what makes this show stand apart from other Marvel and DC series, and that is that it’s not actually based on any one, individual comic book series. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will always be totally unrelated to them.

There’s plenty of potential for a crossover between ‘The Defenders,’ the second season of ‘Jessica Jones,’ the third season of ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Daredevil,’ while fans can probably imagine all the others that a ‘Jessica Jones’ series might have in store. And while it isn’t a guarantee at this point that any of those other series will eventually make it to the small screen, it might not be far away.

While ‘Daredevil’ has already done its share of crossover between the Marvel shows, it seems certain that Daredevil will have a crossover between both Netflix series as well. Here’s how it might work:

Jessica Jones


After Jessica Jones’ own season two introduction, a lot of fans (and critics) noticed an important event happening at the end of the second season. Jessica was taken down by the Hand. However the episode (and season) three premiere would also show Karen Page (Katherine Waterston), now with some sort of cosmic healing factor that can do everything. This might sound a little weird at first, but consider: it was the second season of

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